First Team 01/02/2020

Added Time: Welbeck On His Watford Return

Watch our post-match show Added Time as Danny Welbeck discusses the Hornets' loss against Everton and his personal return to the pitch with host Emma Saunders.

First Team 01/02/2020

Pearson: “We Have To Recover From This”

Nigel Pearson was brutally honest after the Hornets’ late heartbreak against Everton.

The Head Coach admitted the overall team performance fell below the high standards set in recent weeks, but insisted he did not regret making positive moves to seek out victory when the scores were level.

“It was important that we tried to push for another goal,” said the Head Coach. “I don’t really have any regrets about the changes we made to try and shift the momentum in the game, because I felt we were unable to regain enough composure and enough rhythm in the second half in possession.

“I think it’s more important to try to make positive decisions when we’ve had a setback in a game. I would rather people be questioning making positive decisions rather than being negative, because I think this football club has had too much of that this season.”

On this occasion the late push was unsuccessful, mistakes cost the Hornets and Pearson knows they must do better to avoid similar defeats going forward.

“I’ve said already the important thing is we have to look after our own performances and our own results, and this will continue to be how we approach the season,” he said.

“Today that means we will have to reflect very honestly on the fact we’ve not taken care of our own performance.

“We worked hard enough to get in front, and then we’ve not worked hard enough to preserve the lead we’ve worked so hard to get.”

Despite the below-par performance and subsequent result, Pearson will insist the mood in the camp does not drop too low, just as he did not allow it to become too high after four wins from five.

“I’m prepared for people going over the top when things are going well and likewise now, we’ve lost two Premier League games on the trot,” he said.

“We have to recover from this, it’s never an easy journey when you’re in a relegation battle. We’ve worked exceptionally hard to get back in contact.

“The players will deal with it, they’ll get on with it and they’ll have me nudging them and encouraging them still in the same way that I would do when we win.”