First Team 29/03/2020

Big Interview: Christian Kabasele

Defender Christian Kabasele talks about his African roots, loving family life and his spare-time activities in a self-penned interview...


I was very young when me and my family left the Democratic Republic of Congo but as I was growing up my parents told me almost everything about the difficulties of living there. We moved because of the uncertain situation in that moment – there were riots and people stealing things – and my parents always wanted to give me and my brother a better chance in life.


It was impossible for us, so we moved to Belgium. It was not an easy decision for them to take because they left a lot of family behind, but they thought first of all about us and I thank them every day for that. My grandmother and aunts and most of my family are still there [Democratic Republic of Congo]. I still follow the political situation there because even if I’m not living there, it is still my home country. It’s in my plan to go back there some day but I haven’t found the right moment to do so yet.


I enjoy playing against Michy Batshuayi in the Premier League, who I know from the Belgium national team. He’s a very good player, for me one of the best strikers, and I think he doesn’t receive the credit he deserves. When you see his numbers, especially in the national team, I think he’s scoring every 70 or 80 minutes. He’s a great goalscorer.


When I’m not playing football I spend most of my time playing with my kids in the garden or the park. Since we had kids I don’t even watch the TV anymore. I have a boy and a girl who are both under four, so the time is going fast and I want to enjoy every single moment.


I also enjoy following the NBA and the NFL. When they came to London I went to see both of the sports, and I took my son for the first time to an NFL game recently because he loves it as well. I’m in love with the New York Giants because I went to New York with my wife in 2012 and we watched a game there. The stadium was amazing and I loved it. In the NBA it’s the New York Knicks, for the same reason. We went to see a game and I’ve loved the team ever since.


The View From The Vic: Episode One – Deeney, Blissett & Stack

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In Episode One, our hosts are joined by Hornets captain Troy Deeney, club legend Luther Blissett and goalkeeper coach Graham Stack.

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