First Team 12/03/2020

Watch: Kabasele Reacts To Football Manager Stats!

Hornets defender Christian Kabasele sat down at the Football Manager offices to dive deep into his own statistics on the game.

Watch as Kabasele analyses his ratings and discusses whether or not they do him justice!


News: Hornets Supporting Bet Regret Campaign

The Hornets are delighted to support the Football Supporters Association and Gamble Aware to spread the word about their 'Bet Regret' campaign - Bet Regret being that sinking feeling after a bet's been made without thinking things through.

With the full support of main club sponsors, Watford FC are committed to raising awareness amongst Hornets fans of the risks of impulsive betting, to help them recognise the behaviours that can lead from low-risk betting to a more serious gambling issue.

“It’s absolutely right that we help create a safer gambling environment for everyone,” said Dave Messenger, the club’s Supporter Liaison Officer. “Gambling is a pastime enjoyed responsibly by many and we have a unique position in our community to help get messages about responsible gambling across.” 

FSA deputy chief executive Dave Rose said: “Supporter groups have real concerns about harmful betting and impulsive gambling behaviours among some football fans. We’ll be helping fans across the country get the safer gambling message out there and we’re delighted to have Watford’s support for our campaign.”

Marc Etches, chief executive of BeGambleAware, said: “It is important that for anyone who chooses to gamble, they are able to do so in an environment where the risks are made clear. The safer gambling campaign, Bet Regret, is designed to encourage regular sports bettors to think twice about their gambling habits and help keep them safe from gambling harms.”

Safer Gambling Tips

Below are some handy tips on how fans can keep Bet Regret in check and think twice before placing a bet.

1.Take a time out – Think Twice and go bet-free for a period of time. You can set a Time-Out period of hours, days or weeks through most online gambling accounts.

2. Pause before you place it – Pausing can help us make better decisions. Wait five seconds before pressing that ‘Bet now’ button. Count to 10 or say the bet out loud and focus on how much you could lose, before you commit.

3. Balance gambling with other activities – It's important that gambling is not your only pastime. Try to plan hobbies and activities to help fill free periods. When you are busy, you are less likely to make a bet you know you shouldn’t.

4. Set a money limit in advance – Before you start betting set yourself a cash cap and think twice about how much you're willing to bet. You can set yourself daily or weekly limits. Many sites allow you to pre-set a maximum amount for deposits, stakes and losses over a given time period.

5. Set a time limit – Why not set yourself limits on the times you bet? Plan a distraction for those moments when you’re not betting and stay clear of Bet Regret. Many betting and gambling providers allow you to set up notifications to help you manage your time. Or just set an alarm on your phone.

The club also recently welcomed walkers from ‘The Big Step’ to Vicarage Road and are also engaged in conversations with several other betting charities and organisations about different ways to share these important messages.

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